From:Mike Lynch
Subject:RE: '17-'19 numericely Date:Sun Jan 31 20:58:51 2016
Response to:6050
The closest I could determine the 2 parallel axes to be is 2.375"" (2 3/8").
After taking several measurements from 3 motors. But I am making the
assumption Henderson designed all his parts to common sizes and
spacings. If not in this case, it's very possible the actual number could differ
by +/- several thousandths from my measurements.
I am also very curious if anyone else has a better, same, or different

What is the inter-axis distance in the '17-'19 gearbox ?
I can't measure mine because the spline shaft bearing threads in the cases
are too messed up from old welding and I need to cut new ones.
Thanks in advance