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Dear Fellows, New fresh starts, promises for a brighter New Year. I made it started already by giving you some info I collected about the Ace # mystery:
I checked my Aces, here we go:
1920: A 1355 frame 1355A, 1922: B5002 with frame# 22161, 1924 D8645 with frame# 4739, Indian Ace with CA196 has no frame number at least I canīt find it. These are mine. I did some homework and came to the following results, all are from European Ace owners :
A1411 frame# 8226 A
B3052 frame# 0034
B4022 frame# 21336
B4058 frame# 21681
B4860 frame# 22032
B4888 frame# 4337B
B5178 frame# 4265
B6258 frame# 893
B6537 frame# 22151
B6576 frame# 4436
B6656 frame# 4457
B6658 frame# 5069
B7317 frame# 6266
B7320 frame# 6489
SB7393 frame# 6020
B8862 frame# 1064
SD8176 frame# 6209
D8283 frame# 8151
D8674 frame # 8160
D8777 frame# 5122

D8859 frame# 8290
D 8869 frame# 396
E 1199 frame# 2698

CA 220 frame # 8392
CA 484 frame # 21052
If anybody can give me a logic explanation, let me know
Happy New Year and greetings for your family, friends and loved ones.
Thanks for keeping up this site. Chris

Happy New Year everyone!
I just looked and I cannot find.....or see any numbers on my frame under the seat. Would they be on the casting? Maybe too much paint on my frame....or I'm just going blind.
Any pictures? Thanks

Thanks for the info Doug - Really appreciated.

I did not know about the Adjusting Bolt Boss being square on the early frames (I am assuming '24 and earlier).
That helps a lot.

Thanks again, Sir!

I've never been able to correlate frame numbers to the year
of the Ace, rather going by the engine numbers. The later
Ace frames (generally 1926 & later) had a 1 inch long axle
adjusting bolt boss where the earlier frames had a small
square boss. Later main forks had a support boss at the top
of the tubes where they meet the handlebars, and the forks
were a bit larger to make room for the new balloon tires.
Ace also rebuilt engines for dealers and customers. They
generally did not get their original engine back as they
were swapped out with an engine already rebuilt.

A couple of threads below this, "Karen" offered a 1925 Ace
project for sale.

In post #5981 she stated:

"...The number stamped on the frame (under the seat) is

Just curious as to if anyone knows what this Frame #
represents (Year-wise).

Any other basic info regarding Ace frame numbers would be

As one point of reference, I checked the Ace on Display at
the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. It is shown as a 1922, and
has a 2XXX frame number.

Hope everyone had a good Holiday!
Thanks guys.