Subject:RE: Ace Frame Number (Ref to Date:Tue Dec 29 12:01:08 2015
Response to:5999
My 1920 ace frame is numbered 258
The engine is a1423

I've been told the frames were numerically numbered in order
Then I was told the first digit is the yr with 0 being added to three digit s#
I wish there was more info on this

A couple of threads below this, "Karen" offered a 1925 Ace project for sale.

In post #5981 she stated:

"...The number stamped on the frame (under the seat) is 8160..."

Just curious as to if anyone knows what this Frame # represents (Year-

Any other basic info regarding Ace frame numbers would be appreciated.

As one point of reference, I checked the Ace on Display at the Sturgis
Motorcycle Museum. It is shown as a 1922, and has a 2XXX frame

Hope everyone had a good Holiday!
Thanks guys.