From:dan f
Subject:RE: Henderson deluxe engine for sale Date:Sat Dec 5 05:17:40 2015
Response to:5986
email sent.

Hi Everyone,
I am looking at selling my project Henderson engine. The engine is not complete and what I have for it is listed below.
Top case is deluxe I believe and 1923 (magneto mount missing and the magneto ear for the timing case has been broken off but is still there)
Bottom case is K model and has a weld across the gearbox section
X5 barrels/cylinders are included. (1 is really nice and the other 4 will need work)
X2 parts magnetos and should be enough to build one
X1 crankshaft
X1 camshaft
X1 timing cover which has been welded around the oil pump mount
X1 oil pump
A few of the gearbox gears
X1 flywheel
Some linkage
X4 connecting rods
Shifter fork rod
A few timing gears
I think that is everything I have for it. If you are interested, send me an email and I will send you more detailed photos of the parts. About price, I am not sure how to price it as it is not complete. So, you are more than welcome to make me an offer.