Subject:Dexuxe Parts Needed Date:Mon Nov 30 15:45:30 2015
(With much love and respect to the post/topic just below this one, I'll follow suit and format.)

"Unattractive middle aged man with a bad habit of spending WAY too much money on chasing his dream..."

...Is looking for the following parts for my Henderson Deluxe Motor:

(Please See attachment for part reference - Hope the Pic works.)

- Foot Starter Kicker Crank Assembly (K-3842)
...And sleeve, pins etc. if available.

- Spline Shaft Bearing for the RIGHT side (Side with Sprocket

- Spline Shaft Bearing Locknut (K-3330)

- Engine Sprocket (1 Keyway - Various PN's)

- Am also looking for a Deluxe Frame, and am willing/happy to pay fair market value (Serious Buyer, here!... So if anyone has a line on one, please give me a shout!)

As mentioned, I am very happy to pay fair values - Not looking to beat anyone up on prices... Not how I do things, and just not fair to anyone - Certainly do not want to waste anyone's time.

Please shoot me an e-mail at address above if anyone wants to discuss.

Thanks for the consideration, All.
... And again, thanks for all the great education I have received here.