From:Barry Brown
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Model K Date:Tue Nov 24 20:23:48 2015
Response to:5977
It wasn't a stupid question at all.
As far as spoke diameters are concerned I have seen many rear spokes larger
diameter than the front . I think this was especially important when a sidecar
was fitted as the driving wheel in that circumstance has an even more arduous

That makes perfect sense Barry. I feel kind of stupid now. I'll take the
embarrassment so no one else has to. Any hub spoke answers?? THANKS

you are interpreting the information incorrectly . It is all a matter of the way in
which tires were "labelled" up to the point of transition to "ballon" spec. To
convert the tire measurement on the older tire to find out the rim size
multiply 3
1/2 x 2 = 7 . Subtract this from 27 and you get a 20 inch rim. 27 was the
overall height of the mounted tire not the rim size.

I'm building my 1921 model "K" from a basket case. My question is this…the
original 1920 K brochure says the tire size is 27 x 3 1/2. All the '20 and later
Hendersons I've seen have the balloon 20 x 3.85 tires. I cannot imagine a 27
rim on the Henderson like the brochure states as the fender is so wide I
this would look strange. What am I missing? I need to purchase the clincher
so I want to make sure I'm on the right track. Also are the spokes the same
diameter both from and rear? My rear hub has the spoke holes much larger
my front hub. Thanks for all responses. Kris