Subject:RE: RE: 1925 Ace for sale - project Date:Sun Nov 22 21:01:42 2015
Response to:5970
Hi and thanks for the information. Yes, I will be looking for the frame
number on Saturday - the bike is in storage now. It is a lovely project and
the person who helped me to pull it together also thought so.
In terms of the blind auction, it really isn't a hazard. It's just sending me an
offer in the bike. That's all. It's no different to how people buy and sell stuff
all the time except that I have set a deadline and I'm not going to tell
anyone else what the other offers are. I have found using eBay with all its
website crashes and strange postage issues more problematic. I'm happy
to talk people through how it works if needs be. My number is

Karen, It doesn't appear to have the (updated) type cylinder head for 1926,
and with a D engine number it would seem to be a 1924 model, since there
were in theory no 1925 models produced ?. Would you like to share the
frame number with us.

Nice looking project, but that blind auction looks like a real hazard... !