From:Steve Klein
Subject:RE: 29 KJ Bushing Oil Leak Question? Date:Sun Oct 18 21:37:06 2015
Response to:5948

OK Gentlemen... First Thank you very much for all the replies and offers of
experiences. They are greatly appreciated. There is no excess play or wear
apparent on the shaft or bushing. Here is what I found plus another
question. The oil pump adjustment lock nut had the spring depressed
against the ball as tight as it could be adjusted. Not only was the oil
pressure 55 lbs on the gauge, I had oil being pressured out the magneto
shaft bushing, it was also pressuring a bit out the push rod bases. I
checked the passage way. The spring looked like new and had very good
tension and the ball inspected well under a magnifying glass for no pits or
wear marks. I backed the adjuster out a few threads and set the lock nut
thusly taking some pressure off the spring and test ran and rode it. Now the
oil pressure gauge reads 20 lbs at idle (when warmed up), 35 lbs at 50 mph
in 3rd gear and reaches 45 lbs at slightly higher revs. (Note. I am running
50 WT Valvoline VR1 and temp today was 75 degrees outside.)

Here is the my next question. . What minimum pressure should this motor
maintain to lube properly. This is the first KJ I have ever owned.
Thank You All;
Steve Klein
The Klein Collection, Georgetown TX
361.652.8300 cell

Dear All;
First TY for all the great members on this site. I learn much by reading. I
have an extremely nice 29 KJ formerly owned by Joe Kohler (Wisconsin).
Oil is leaking around the bronze bushing on the shaft from the front of the
motor to the generator. Now it is leaking enough that a light coating of oil
now slings off the shaft. After a short several mile ride the entire left front
half of the motor is covered with fresh oil. How difficult is it to replace this
bushing and where may I find a new one? Thank You; Steve Klein, 361.652.8300 cell