From:Rick Yamane
Subject:RE: 29 KJ Bushing Oil Leak Question? Date:Thu Oct 15 11:20:31 2015
Response to:5948

Dear All;
First TY for all the great members on this site. I learn much by reading. I have an extremely nice 29 KJ formerly owned by Joe Kohler (Wisconsin). Oil is leaking around the bronze bushing on the shaft from the front of the motor to the generator. Now it is leaking enough that a light coating of oil now slings off the shaft. After a short several mile ride the entire left front half of the motor is covered with fresh oil. How difficult is it to replace this bushing and where may I find a new one? Thank You; Steve Klein, 361.652.8300 cell

Hi Steve, Not really an answer to your question but I'd think about possibly excessive crankcase pressure too. Make sure the vent system is open and clean. I don't believe there is a seal at that point so they probably used a spiral grooved bush for oil control. Any excessive pressure will easily defeat that. I've not had the generator off but had to do some work in the timing chest last summer. The bush shouldn't be too difficult but index/mark the timing gears while disassembling. It will save you the hassle of having to line everything up later. You probably won't have to remove all the gears but I think it's still a good practice.