From:Girard Fox
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Henderson smokes the hogs at THE RACE OF GENTLEMEN! Date:Thu Oct 15 00:10:22 2015
Response to:5946

Wow!!! Ha ha!! Awsome!! I think I'll read that a few more times!!

Thanks Barry! Ha!

What a glorious testament to the amazing engine-build by my
good friend, Dave Molnar!! "This Machine Kills V-Twins"!
*(sorry Dave, I guess I can tell you about it NOW that it's over, and
the bike is Safe & Sound.....but Filthy!)

All kidding aside......the organizers want me to round-up some more
4-cylinder riders for next year's event, so that they can form a class for
us to compete in! I was the ONLY Four out there........check it out, folks!
I spoke with Jersey Jon Szalay on the beach last Sunday....he is hoping to
have his '23 ACE ready for next year's event. Can you imagine how cool
it would be to watch (and hear) a swarm of FOURS on the beach?!

Check it out:

Don't make me do this "ALONE" again!
Experience the THRILL of eeking-out a win against a '29 Harley JDH racer.
God knows you'll NEVER forget the FUN!

Just heard from Girard Fox who is too modest to post such an announcement
here but hey this info is important to know ! He has pictures on his Facebook
page. Now we can all add 50 grand to the value of our bikes ! And prep for
racing next year? LOL