From:Barry Brown
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: 27 Deluxe video Date:Sun Sep 6 08:06:07 2015
Response to:5936

Use American beer. It's the closest thing to water. LOL Bob & Doug MacKenzie
I purchased the material on EBAY from a John Deer vendor. It's a black
rubberized, metal flake type of material. Probably not the best but it shipped
with the right dimensions and I was able to counterbore clean into it for the
rivets. I used the green type on the Prince and Got that from Walker. I liked
how it held up but had trouble counter boring it with all the metal weaving.
Hammering rivets into brake lining is my biggest weakness. I hope this brake
holds up but I'm prepared to change it out if need be. I have tested it by
rolling down the driveway and it grabs hard. I may need to have some beer on
hand if it starts smoking on me!

Looks like you have done an excellent job there. What type of brake material
are you using? My local brake shop has provided a green woven type
impregnated with bits of brass and supposedly used for elevators. I am not
100% sure of it's merits or failings yet.

Yes. I can imagine that. cheap beer comes in handy at times.

I couldn't find an original rear brake assembly for my 26 Deluxe so I
fabricated a heavy duty iron clad band assembly. Not original but it should
take a lot of abuse. 1/8" thick band with 3/16" thick ears. I tried to follow the
original design. stitched welded the ears. I will try to finish the engine this
winter. I can't wait to fire it up someday.


Thanks for the compliment.
Yes , I recall , a very long time ago mind you, extinguishing a smoldering fire
my 2 cam rear band brake lining with beer. ( NOT Guinness)