From:James Cost
Subject:RE: RE: RE: 27 Deluxe video Date:Sat Sep 5 16:54:59 2015
Response to:5933
Yes. I can imagine that. cheap beer comes in handy at times.

I couldn't find an original rear brake assembly for my 26 Deluxe so I fabricated a heavy duty iron clad band assembly. Not original but it should take a lot of abuse. 1/8" thick band with 3/16" thick ears. I tried to follow the original design. stitched welded the ears. I will try to finish the engine this winter. I can't wait to fire it up someday.


Thanks for the compliment.
Yes , I recall , a very long time ago mind you, extinguishing a smoldering fire on
my 2 cam rear band brake lining with beer. ( NOT Guinness)