From:jim kiesler
Subject:RE: henderson deluxe main jet size and idle jet size Date:Fri Aug 28 11:01:51 2015
Response to:5923

If you have the heater on the carb intake? take it off.
Gday all
I posted this question a while back and got one response and with the info I got it still didnt fix my problem unfortunately.
What I need is someone with a nice running henderson deluxe with a zenith t4x carb and who has a number drill set in there shed, to just spend 5 min to screw out the 2 small plugs from under the jets and see which 2 sized number drills fit snuggly into the jets, u dont even need to remove the carb from the bike, I really need this info as I spent alot of money buying my bike which is unrideable as it runs soo rich and am pretty ticked off with it and am loosing interst in it fast. So please can somebody please help me out!