From:graeme staples
Subject:RE: The Henderson at Hillsborough Concours Date:Fri Jul 24 02:57:25 2015
Response to:5877

Last Sunday was the 60th Hillsborough Concours in
Hillsborough, CA. We took the Henderson and ex-Joe
Leonard Harley KR.
The Henderson took second, to a Kawasaki H1 of all
things. Seems at least the multis did better than the
twins and singles but a Japanese bike of all things......
Got to do better.
I thought the Joe Leonard bike would have fared better
but during judging they said the bikes needed to run.
Although the bike will run, we were not prepared to fire
it up at the show. It should have been stipulated in the
entry. :-(

It was hot and humid, not very California-like at all but
still a great event but primarily a car concours. Lot's
of Italian cars which kept me really happy. why shouldn't
a japanese bike take the win , i have bikes ranging over
100 yrs and the japanese bikes are way harder than older
stuff to restore and keep running, there are so many
different finishes and complex bits, together with the
fact they are stamped out rather than hand formed that
it's tougher.