Subject:RE: RE: Henderson deluxe engine and parts collection for sale Date:Mon Jul 20 18:24:32 2015
Response to:5866
yeah looks like a nice parts collection, but you fail to offer any help in shipping,ie:box dimensions and weights. last time i used global EGL they jerked my chain about customs crap and brokerage fees .no duty or fees are necessary when importing antique parts in the USA. I had to get a customs agents form to prove that and then the arshole demanded 600. bucks to pay his rummys to push a crate to the front gate.what a bunch of thieving bastards.So if you are willing to help out with this deal fine if not so be it.or maybe you just want to pass the buck and blame the shipper for anything that may happen.

An apology and note, I had to take the engine off eBay and re-list it due to
an error that kept happening with the listing. It's back up at the same start
price tonight. Sorry.

Hi All,
Just letting you know that we have put up a complete deluxe engine and a
load of additional spares and parts including handlebars and forks for a k
deluxe, all onto eBay. The seller name is vintagemc123. It will be on the
eBay australia site. There also more photos of the items on the website and links there to the eBay listing. The items
were initially collected as dad built up his deluxe outfit.
Best wishes to you all.