From:Dan F
Subject:RE: RE: 22 Deluxe fuel tank Date:Sat Jul 11 07:00:12 2015
Response to:5843
Both your questions is along the same lines as a question I asked regarding the differences between the K tank and latter deluxe "long tank" . can either of you take a picture of your '22 tank and include some dimensions and email them to me ? thanks

I recently acquired an original narrow gas tank, with very old if not original
paint, for a 22 Hen project that I'm working on. The seam is quite obvious
around the entire tank, no signs of blending in the halves. I'm leaving the
seam as found. The frame tube will hide most of it anyway.

I'm restoring the fuel tank on a 22 Deluxe that was smothered in body filler.
The tank under the body filler appears to have been dipped in lead ,
however probably afer it had been exposed to the elements as you can see
corrosion pitting under the lead.
Anyway my question is: on the original tank finish was the tank seam
visible or were they leaded over and not obvious?
Thanks for any feedbackl
Ken (Australia)