From:ken lee
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: deluxe clutch plates Date:Tue Jul 7 16:36:42 2015
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I have covered about 28,000 miles on the original all steel plates on my '26 Deluxe (and about 8000 on KJ) , always been reliable and it reliably sticks when I first start it but so used to that , it's not an issue . Start the bike and let it tick over for about a minute with the clutch disengaged and it's as sweet and smooth as anyone would want it . If I am in a hurry not to annoy the neighbours too much then a push away and snick into gear and it's ok by the time I need to stop at the end of the road , about 200 yards . Ken (England)

I have in my henderson what are supposed to be
kevlar clutch plates but after sitting for a
short period of time they tend to stick
together and I then have to start bike in gear
and engauge the clutch and rear brake to get
the plates free. Does anyone else have this
problem with the kevlar plates?

Hi Mike,
I have 20,000 miles on my king clutch in my
'28. I found they work very well. I just looked
it over lately. It has very little wear so it
went back in.

I have some shocking news for you mike.
These are metal on metal plates.
Also, be cautious about just popping out new
Half of the plates have a warp to them which
allows for the clutch to easily release in the
oil bath.
If you want to improve, I suggest purchasing a
King Clutch.
New plates with, I believe, Kevlar linings.
I have one in my KJ. Very smooth.


can anyone show me in detail how the clutch
plates are properly installed . i have
(9)plates but none have lining on them and need
to know which ones have to be relined.all were
in a box when i received this hen. none even
show where lining was installed as they are
scorched and i was going to laser new ones and
have them relined.thanks.