From:John Yushkevich
Subject:RE: RE: deluxe clutch plates Date:Tue Jul 7 12:23:07 2015
Response to:5848
I have some shocking news for you mike.
These are metal on metal plates.
Also, be cautious about just popping out new ones.
Half of the plates have a warp to them which allows for the clutch to easily release in the oil bath.
If you want to improve, I suggest purchasing a King Clutch.
New plates with, I believe, Kevlar linings.
I have one in my KJ. Very smooth.


can anyone show me in detail how the clutch plates are properly installed . i have (9)plates but none have lining on them and need to know which ones have to be relined.all were in a box when i received this hen. none even show where lining was installed as they are scorched and i was going to laser new ones and have them relined.thanks.