Subject:deluxe clutch plates Date:Tue Jul 7 12:01:36 2015
can anyone show me in detail how the clutch plates are properly installed . i have (9)plates but none have lining on them and need to know which ones have to be relined.all were in a box when i received this hen. none even show where lining was installed as they are scorched and i was going to laser new ones and have them relined.thanks. I also just did 4 deluxe cylinders that were total junk with wrist pin grooving and exploded piston marks with new cast alloy modern ring paks and new sleeves .anyone interested in having these done 1200. includes the 4 new piston kits (undersize bore), sleeves bored and honed to .006" clearance and notched cylinders are shot peened before installing liners additional and new modern 21-4n valves and springs available