From:Steve Marks
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: New find 1923? Henderson chassis Date:Sun Jul 5 16:47:52 2015
Response to:5839
You beat me to it Doug! Only one thing spoiling your photo, there's a better one elsewhere on this site
As you mentioned the crash, 26 stitches in the right knee put me right and the other driver admitted 'Driving without due care and attention' and paid the consequences. So all that's left is to repair the bike. Well on the way with that - watch this space for the rebirth (mark two!!) Steve

Here's a photo of Steve with his Henderson BC (before crash)
when I visited him.

Gday steve. Could I see a pic of your whole
bike? I have a 1920k but its far from a 100
point bike too lol. I fitted a later delux
chain guard on mine as I just dont like tte
look of the enclosed cchain guard plus it looks
like a pain as well lol. Here is a pic of my

....and her's a picture of the lower chain
guard bracket. Now for the disclaimers:
1:I had no information on what the chainguard
brackets should like like so this is my
interpretation of what was needed. It is
probably wrong....
2: Anyone with a Model K enclosed chain guard
will know what a fiddle it is to get it on and
off. So how do you check chain tension easily?
I fitted an inspection hole and cover but
that's probably not on an original....
3: The chain guard is very open around the rear
axle area so if it rains, water can get into
the chain guard (yes, I ride it and here in the
UK that means we get wet - frequently!) Rather
than have the chain running in a water bath, I
fitted a drain plug - not original....
4: The clip on the exhaust pipe is my
interpretation of what was needed so is
probably not right either.
5: Yes, it's probably the wrong shade of blue.
As I have said on many previous posts, this
bike will never get anywhere near 100 points.
In fact it'll never get anywhere near a judging
ring anyway. But I like it...
Good post this - lots of people putting little
bits into the puzzle means we should eventually
get a prety full picture - thanks and well done

Just to put my 2 cents worth in, Whenever I
talked to Dick Winger about what defines model
K form a Deluxe He always said the chain guard
lug on the top right hand side of the rear
frame leg makes it a K.