From:Dave Ciccalone
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: New find, 1923? Henderson chassis Date:Wed Jul 1 09:20:05 2015
Response to:5831

Can you point to a known bike/picture/etc. of the "high frame" you're describing? I have hundreds of photos of Chicago era Hen's my father compiled and I've only observed two primary types of Deluxe frames.

I'm not claiming this to be right, or an expert, that's just what I have personally observed. For what it's worth, my understanding is also based on what I've been told by a few guys I would consider experts. I would appreciate seeing a picture of a frame type I've never seen (ie, the point of this forum is for us to learn new stuff about Hens!).

And we have omitted one additional "variation" of the Deluxe
frame. The late '28's made had a vertical frame stay beneath the seat cross bracket like the KJ's would get. This was a logical revision whereas the rear end on the previous Deluxe frames was a weak spot (they were prone to bend upward, .

Picture of the late '28 frame below (from Google).