From:Steve Marks
Subject:RE: New find 1923? Henderson chassis Date:Wed Jul 1 05:17:50 2015
Response to:5832
....and her's a picture of the lower chain guard bracket. Now for the disclaimers:
1:I had no information on what the chainguard brackets should like like so this is my interpretation of what was needed. It is probably wrong....
2: Anyone with a Model K enclosed chain guard will know what a fiddle it is to get it on and off. So how do you check chain tension easily? I fitted an inspection hole and cover but that's probably not on an original....
3: The chain guard is very open around the rear axle area so if it rains, water can get into the chain guard (yes, I ride it and here in the UK that means we get wet - frequently!) Rather than have the chain running in a water bath, I fitted a drain plug - not original....
4: The clip on the exhaust pipe is my interpretation of what was needed so is probably not right either.
5: Yes, it's probably the wrong shade of blue.
As I have said on many previous posts, this bike will never get anywhere near 100 points. In fact it'll never get anywhere near a judging ring anyway. But I like it...
Good post this - lots of people putting little bits into the puzzle means we should eventually get a prety full picture - thanks and well done everyone!

Just to put my 2 cents worth in, Whenever I talked to Dick Winger about what defines model K form a Deluxe He always said the chain guard lug on the top right hand side of the rear frame leg makes it a K.