From:Steve Marks
Subject:RE: New find 1923? Henderson chassis Date:Wed Jul 1 04:28:03 2015
Response to:5832
Hi Alan
Well done! Don't know how I missed this one! The fully enclosed chaincase on the model K has more fixings than the Deluxe 'top chain run only' guard. So, yes, there is a bracket on the frame rear stay tube. There is also a different frame rear axle support. The Deluxe parts lists shows a picture of the Deluxe frame which, unfortunately has the left hand side rear axle support covering the right hand side one but as the part numbers for the two supports are the same, it's fair to assume that they are identical. The right hand side rear axle support on the model K frame has an extra hole which, when I was putting my K together, I assumed was for a fixing for the chain case (no doubt someone will shout out if I am wrong...) I attach a picture of the top bracket mentioned by Alan. Picture of bottom bracket to follow on next post.

Just to put my 2 cents worth in, Whenever I talked to Dick Winger about what defines model K form a Deluxe He always said the chain guard lug on the top right hand side of the rear frame leg makes it a K.