From:Dave Ciccalone
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: New find, 1923? Henderson chassis Date:Tue Jun 30 13:38:01 2015
Response to:5824
Ben, not sure about that 3 on your frame casting, maybe that was a British requirement?? Answers to your other questions:

Q: Motor mount lugs inside the frame (Deluxe)
A: yes, that indicates a Deluxe frame

Q: Seat bracket bolts through the frame
A: The seat bracket attaches to the frame as you have pictured.

Q: 1/4" axle adjusters
A: Parts list indicates both 5/16" and 1/4" chain adjusting screws. The 1/4" is likely the early style that would go with your frame.

Q: two bolt mount for the amp meter bracket
A: yes

Q: 1/2 pan seat (Messinger No 3???)
A: Search the Exchange for the "seat for every ass(ociate)" post. Seeing you're dealing with an export model Deluxe, probably all bet are off with seats anyway. The pictures of export models often have subtle differences to the US versions.

Q: Long Tank
A: yes, there were thin tanks and big wide distance tanks, either is correct.

Q: Reverse lever mount on frame tube below the tank
A: Yes, using the "boomerang" style shifter