Subject:RE: New find, 1923? Henderson chassis Date:Mon Jun 29 06:43:58 2015
Response to:5814
Another photo

I picked this Henderson chassis up the other weekend. New to Henderson
but have a number of Big X's from 1915 to 1923 so some of the
Henderson chassis parts are familiar. The wheels in it are Excelsior Series
20 that I had already. My question is, is this a 1923 Deluxe Chassis?
There is a four digit frame number on the down tube of the head stem, and
below that is a single digit 3. In Excelsiors this single digit designates the
year of the frame. Is it the same for Henderson? What year did the half
pan seat that is on this bike come in? There will be many more questions
to come no doubt! Looking for all the missing parts.
Cheers Ben
Melbourne, Australia