From:brad tarkenton
Subject:RE: RE: Generator drive belts Date:Sat Jun 27 00:13:19 2015
Response to:5804
dave, what year is your KJ? i just purchased a 1930 KJ and need
to get a belt put on it. thanks, brad


That multi-link belt is way cool.

I find it easier to unhook the magento than the coupling, but
those bolts are a real pain to get back in. But I went the old
school way on my KJ, and after a couple of trial and errors,
settled on a Napa 3L 180W belt. So far so good.


I obtained a foot of a multi link 3/8" drive belt from
Sulphur Grove Tool:
800.657.5064 that fit the generator drive sheaves on my '23.
Remove links until the tension is right, and the absolute best
thing is that you do not have to unbolt the drive coupling.
The fixed length 3/8" belts available were either too long or
too short and for under twenty bucks I solved the problem.
Hopes this works out for someone as well as it did for me. MF