From:Rich Correia
Subject:RE: Rich Correia - you were right Date:Tue Jun 16 19:37:16 2015
Response to:5687
That's great Dave!! Glad that I could be of help. Rich C.

It was just a sheared woodruff key on my transmission sprocket. It was a $0 fix, as I have an assortment of woodruff keys on hand.

Dang. Had I known, I could have brought the bike to Oley. But so soon after reassembling the engine, I feared the worst, and didn't investigate until today.

This morning, I grafted the carburator from a junk weedwacker onto my good wacker, and it now runs fine. Fixed a Henderson transmission, and it runs fine.

It's not even noon yet - what am I gonna do this afternoon? Maybe I'll put a third story on the Taj Mahal. Or finish up the Crazy Horse memorial. Or clean the chicken coop. Nah, I'm going riding...