Subject:RE: RE: RE: Ace Date:Wed Jun 10 01:52:48 2015
Response to:5745
I could not find out how much it was sold for
There was a bohnams listing for another 1920 ace original paint side car rig
for 300000 but I don't believe it sold.

Serial numbers on aces begin with a1200 in 1920
The above rig is a17xx

My Ace is actually the lowest serial number known at
Many of the parts like the pedals were hand tooled it appears
My frame number is 2xx which corresponds to the engine

Id really like to purchase a set of decals for the 20 ace if you are still
offering them

Patrick and Richard said you were the man with the ace decals

Than you in advance

It appears to have lost its early design of the around-the-corner Schebler

Do any survive with that still intact ?