From:fritz buckendahl
Subject:RE: 1912 HENDERSON 4Cyl / MODEL A 57CI FOR SALE Date:Thu Jun 4 18:12:02 2015
Response to:5768
I am not interested in buying this beautiful machine but I am interested in how you can authenticate that this machine as 1 of the 50 made.

I have a 1912 Henderson 4Cyl / 57CI model A for sale.

This model was the first motorcycle to circumnavigate the globe in 1912 and 1913 by Carl Stearns Clancy.
Only 50 was built and actually there are just 6 on the world. Last available was sold at Mecum Auctions for US$ 236K.

It was completely restored year ago by an expert with 25 years of experience.

You can see it here:

Base price : US$ 150K
Owners : only 3 (one of those never used it)
Status : completely restored and running
Documents : OK and all taxes payed
Location : Uruguay/Montevideo - South America
Export/Logistic: We managed the entire process to put it wherever you need

Jorge Gustavo Bariani Vidal -