From:Rick Yamane
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Petcocks Date:Wed Jun 3 11:01:42 2015
Response to:5758
Just an update on my fuel valve situation.
After a lot of fussing about it looks like the leaking has been stopped. No more drips on the floor even when on the side stand, at least for the past 5 days.
I did do just about everything that was mentioned and tried things one at a time to try and get an idea of what was most effective. In the end I'd say no one thing on its own did much but everything in combination seems to be doing the trick. The valves still look to seep a tiny bit but lot less than they were. I also lowered the float level. Naturally cleaning and inspecting all the parts along the way.
The fuel valve tips themselves got tinned with solder and the seats received the ball-on-the-rod lapping treatment. Could be now the fuel in the float bowl evaporates faster than it leaks through the valves. I don't know but it's not leaving it's mark on the floor anymore.
I still have a couple of drops coming off the transmission casing. Could be through the kick start and/or clutch shaft openings.