From:Rick Yamane
Subject:RE: Petcocks Date:Wed May 27 15:38:26 2015
Response to:5748
The part number for those is:
K-613 Gas valve with strainer
They are shown at $1.25 each. Heck. I'll give you twice that! LOL

Okay, I found out that the tanks have to come off to remove either side so I'm going to try another thing or two first. Has anyone ever tried tinning the tip of the valve with solder to give it a new softer seating surface?


Here's a photo of Chris on the podium with the Henderson at the Quail a couple of weekends ago.

I was wondering what is out there for petcocks too. Saw some postings about Lytle's but they didn't look encouraging and are a few years old. I've got one that is seeping a bit and won't respond too my repair attempts.
The bike is a '29 KJ Stresmline. Does anyone know the thread size? It looks like I need to raise the tank on the right to get the old one out, the left is a maybe.