From:Doug Strange
Subject:RE: Ace Date:Tue May 26 22:15:58 2015
Response to:5741
I haven't heard who purchased the Ellis ACE, but I can
provide a little US history on the bike.

Former AMCA president, Arthur Sigal (Easton,
Pennsylvania)visited John in Cork where he purchased the
ACE. That had to have been during the early 1980's because
I remember going to Art for advice when I was laid off from
my research job in 1985. When Art died, his family (who
lived in Boston, used a high end art auction house, Skinner,
to sell Art's bikes and early cars. A Seymour Holtzman
brought me and Doc Patt into the scheme to advise on the
sale. He flew us to Boston in his private plane. However
Holtzman basically said he was going to buy everything. jay
Leno was there and couldn't compete. Holtzman had a Tiffany
lamp collection that was so extensive that he had his own
catalog produced. When Seymour passed, the motorcycle
collection was sold once more but I don't know who had what
from Art's original collection. It was good to see John's
ACE once more, even though I will probably never see it
again. I believe it is the earliest ACE on record.

Does anybody know who bought the 1920 Ace with sidecar at
American Auctions.
The bike was part of the John Ellis collection in Ireland
from 1960 til 1988
I have his original photo album of all his bikes. There are
photos and newspaper articles on the Ace in the album.
I would make copies for the new owner
Jim in Ireland