From:Barry Brown
Subject:RE: RE: Lists of Henderson Dealers/Agents? Date:Sun May 24 21:35:51 2015
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That sounds like a good idea. Let me start it off by telling you of a few dealers
here in Canada. One Henderson dealer was Percy McBride in Toronto. Another
Excelsior for sure and probably Henderson was Byshe Co. on Bank Street in
Ottawa Ontario. I can probably dig up more if you want.

Doug and Barry

Thanks for the tips. Because he sent me a direct email with some attached
scans of the cover of Henderson brochures, I sent a note to Barry (below). I
have also written to the AMA Museum (apparently now called the AMA Hall of
Fame). No answer yet. The good news is that the AMA Hall of Fame is only
about an hour and a half drive from my house. If I don't hear anything, I may
just drive over and see what might be done. I have a feeling that such
collections might not actually be physically present at the Museum, but
perhaps a personal appeal might get the door open.

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Subject: Re: Henderson Dealers
Date: Sat, 23 May 2015 07:33:01 -0400


Thanks very much. I have a pretty good collection of these things. The only
problem is that such brochures often bear the stamp of the dealer in one city,
and really is only valid that one year (I am assuming that dealers came and
went). I was hoping for a list of all dealers.

I am wondering how an owner would find a Henderson dealer/agent/repair
place in any given major city. I guess they could just ask around, but it seems
like a booklet listing them would have been produced.

As you can see, the dealers often didn't have "Henderson" or "Excelsior" in the
company name... so it's not easy to find them from City Directories back in
the day (though they CAN be found... see the attached page from the 1919
City Directory for Indianapolis [see MERZ MOTOR CO] and the 1918 City
Directory for Los Angeles).

I guess I will start compiling a list and see where I end up. Who knows... it
might be useful to someone and perhaps we can create a "living document"
like a Wiki page where others can add dealers (with sources, dates, etc).