From:Steve Marks
Subject:RE: RE: Henderson K 1920 questions for the restoration ... Date:Fri May 22 07:22:02 2015
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Dave, I agree, the ammeter in your picture is definitely not a Weston 354 (correct for DeLuxes - reference and pics in the parts book - but probably wrong for Ks). No pictures in the Model K parts list but the 1920 Catalog refers to 'the Splitdorf lighting equipment as installed on the Henderson Model K includes a zero center ammeter ....' so, after further review, I'd say a Splitdorf ammeter but no idea on model. You are also correct in that the brackets are different. The Deluxe is a flat plate held by two screws into tapped holes in the top frame tube. Your posted picture shows a 'wrap around' clamp though this is not so clear in the picture shown in the Catalog. But bear in mind that the catalog picture is a drawing not a photograph so there are mistakes - for instance elsewhere in the catalog, a picture of the engine clearly shows an anticlockwise arrow engraved on the magneto - Hendersons use clockwise magnetos..... The same catalog shows the battery box with what appears to be a full width step in the lower half of the rear face where it folds over the gear change lever. This is different to the domed recess used on Deluxes. Is this an artist impression changed when production actually started? Since posting the picture of my battery box, I have received photos of a battery box with a flat back, no fold and no recess so I can only assume that it is not so deep. It was suggested that this then gave room for the reverse lever to be operated and deeper boxes with the recess came with the later frames which didn't have the reverse lever. All I can say is that my battery box does have a recess and there is plenty of room to operate the reverse lever. Also the catalog pictures do not show the light switch and it's rounded housing on the back of the battery box. At one time it was suggested to me that the lights were switched on by an integral switch/connector on the back of the headlamp - don't know it that is correct. The photos referred to above both show the light switch on the batery box - that's where I put mine when I made it. Another difference which springs to mind is that the Model K battery box is held in place with two U clips similar to the gas tank mountings. This fixing at the top of the box is the only one so it is likely that the box rotated around the tube (I put a couple of pegs in the frame to prevent this on mine - another non original feature.....). The problem was solved on later frames by bolting the box to a couple of flat brackets welded to the underside of the frame tube. I get the impression that the Model K was a steep learning curve with little things changingd as production went along. Think of exhaust pipes/manifolds, handlebar twist grips, engine cutouts to mention a few. Even Dave's photo, nice as it is, can't really be looked upon as definitive because the clutch linkage and Kelloggs exhaust were not 'standard' - probably more of a 'period modification' I think. I've never claimed mine to be 'correct' whatever that means - I just put forward what I have done to fuel discussion! Happy riding guys - Steve


This has to be one of the best photos of a Model K on the planet. You can
see the light switch on the battery box. The ammeter is 100% not a
Weston 354. The ammeter mount is not like a deluxe either. This picture
has been posted before and someone with better information than me
might know more about the back-story of this photo. This bike was
certainly "optioned" out with the clutch pedal hold linkage and the Kellogg
muffler. I have a high resolution scan of this photo and will email it to you if
you would like.


Hi Collectors,

I have a some questions... :

Which type ammeter used on the Henderson K 1920...???
Splitdorf or Weston or other ...???

Where is the light switch..??? Same with Deluxe or other model ??

Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!