Subject:RE: RE: Henderson gas tank decals Date:Fri May 15 11:58:28 2015
Response to:5711
I have had good luck with water transfer decals from John Berry in Davenport, IA: He did Bob McClean's decals back in the day.

I haven't spoken with him in about a year but you might send him an email. Back then the tank decals were $35.00 a pair.

Attached is a scan of what his look like. He also has the Schwinn round one and the fender X's, plus the Detroit style gas tank decals.


Hi Tamas
When I was looking, I couldn't find any waterslide decals but got some very thin vinyl ones from the VMCC Transfer Service here in the UK. They are slightly thicker than the waterslide versions but work pretty good - you can see them in the picture I just posted of the toolbox. I did find one supplier who used to do waterslides but when I spoke to him, (probably 20 years ago now), he told me he had sold the last and wouldn't be making any more because of lack of demand.....
Good luck with the resto - it will be worth it! Steve

I am looking for waterslide decals for Henderson....
Thanks !!!!!!