From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:1927 Brochure Reprints Now Available Date:Thu May 14 07:57:09 2015
I have reproduced the 1927 Henderson brochure, the cover of which is pictured below. Michael FitzSimons scanned his original for me, and I spent quite a few hours in Photoshop repairing the wear and tear of 88 years. My local printing company printed a proof. The orange color came out a little too dark, so I corrected that and did some other touch-up. Another proof. Then it came time to choose the paper stock, and Michael lent me his original, which I took to the printing company to match up.

The original was assembled and folded in an odd manner which might have been typical of the 1920's, but would never be produced like that today. The printing company had to do a lot of work to assemble it just like the original.

The result is a beautiful brochure which would score 99+ points at an AMCA judging (Oh, wait, they only judge motorcycles). I had 10 copies made, one for Michael for his contribution to the project, and one for me, leaving 8 copies available for you.

They're $10 each, plus $2 for postage and beer. While nothing can replace the original 1927 paper, this 2015 reprint will satisfy all but the most fanatical purists at an affordable price.

Send me an email if you'd like to get one.