From:Dennis Henderson
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: More Black Wheels - and More Spanky Date:Mon Apr 20 17:20:53 2015
Response to:5677
Thanks Dave for digging up the great picture. Looking at the bike, it definitely has the 1931 John Brown headlight on it. The horn looks to be 1929 or 1930. I researched this when I painted my '31 and decided to paint my wheels cream mostly because I liked the look better than the black. I didn't get a chance to respond to the many posts about the blue paint color however I'd like to hear a response from Richard Schultz on this. He gave me a paint code when I was painting my '31 that he got from what he thought was an original paint. It's not the real dark blue.

OK, here is a Police KJ with cream wheels.

It's in the section called "Period Photographs", which can be found off our home page -or-

I don't have a dog in this fight, but "Spanky", sitting on the headlight, was born in 1928 and joined the Our Gang cast in 1932. He looks to be 4 or 5 in that picture, making it circa 1932 or 1933.