From:Doug Strange
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: 1924 ACE Four Motorcycle up for Auction in May Date:Thu Apr 16 21:47:14 2015
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Here's me kissing the Ace factory. Red Wolverton and Doc
Patt were with me that day. Have a photo of Red on Doc's
EXP4 in front of the building. The place was a chop shop
that last I heard.


That's a great story Doug. I hope they have an info sheet
with the 6 day trials
stuff at the clubhouse. I will definitely go over there next
week. Thanks
Charlie Cole was the Ace dealer in Reading, PA. I got the
bike directly from him through his nephew. I was visiting
Charlie one day and he didn't answer his door. As I was
leaving, his nephew drove up and told me Charlie was in the
nursing home following a fall down his cellar steps. He said
the Ace would be sold and I threw my hat in the ring then
walked down the street to visit Charlie in the nursing
home. When I left, the nephew was standing by the doorway,
listening the whole time. As I was not harrassing Charlie
about his bike when I was there, his nephew told me the bike
was mine. Bill Patt and I picked up the Ace. There was so
much dealer inventory included that following Bill in his
pickup with the Ace onboard, you could only see the bike's
tail light. The nephew called me later and gave me all of
Charlie's trophies, including Indian, Henderson, Hardley and
Ace. Some of the relatives wanted the trophies but the
nephew saw that I got them. Charlie also had a box of
medallions that one of his relatives got a hold of, and
later they died and in the house clean out, they were
retrieved. Many of them, including his Six Days Trials
medallion were sold to the Reading Motorcycle Club and are
on display in the clubhouse (visit RMC during Oley and check
them out). A few others also escaped my. That was a shame.
The guy wouldn't sell them to me and I explained that I only
wanted to keep Charlie's awards together. The nephew also
phoned me one night during a blizzard saying he put a bag of
old magazines on Charlies porch. I drove through the
blizzard and retrieved the bag that night. They were all
Motorcycling & Bicycling Illustrated from the 1920's and Ace
& Henderson catalogs. I often wonder what else I missed. I
found some clutch plates in one of the trash cans. the best
thing in Charlie's basement (besides all the dealer
inventory) was his #16 plates that his Ace wore in the Six
Days Trial (he got a perfect score, along with Red

Hey Doug, Give us a short history of your fantastic bike
and the relevance of
all those trophies. Barry

The front end is definitely Henderson. Ace has straight
fork legs. My 1923 Charlie Cole Ace.

This is pic from that auction site...

Looks like a Deluxe Front end... Not Ace.

But I am no expert.
Is this front end correct?


I am just letting you all know their is a 1924 ACE Four
Motorcycle up for Auction in May.I have attached the link.

Auction Details
2015 Shannon’s Sydney Late Autumn Classic Auction 18th May

Thank you