From:Alex B
Subject:RE: RE: battery Date:Wed Apr 15 14:38:21 2015
Response to:5650
Another option: I converted my DU-7 to 2 brush and
installed one of gene harpers electronic regulators.
Plenty of juice and still 6V. I use a shorai lith ion
battery inside a battery shell cast from an original
battery, so it has the correct looking lead terminal lugs
that stick out of the KJ metal battery housing. These
are from Chris Daniels. Now I can also hide a inline
fuse in the shell.

Original looks and modern electronics, the best of both

Want great lights and reliability? Have Frank Vanderveld
of Chicago convert your
generator to 12 volt and install an electronic regulator
inside the old regulator
housing. Hook it all up to a 12 volt sealed black hard
rubber Sportster battery.

looking for a battery to fit 1930 KJ. any suggestions?