From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:More Black Wheels - and More Spanky Date:Fri Apr 10 11:00:38 2015
To add some more fuel to the black wheels fire, there are some wonderful period photographs now located in the "Pictures, Old Ads, Etc." section.

Perry Ruiter found these on the University of Southern California's Special Collections website. All were taken in 1930. Four are KJs advertising for Purr-Pull gasoline, and one is a De Luxe with the Our Gang characters.

Click on the photos for large pictures.

Click on the "SuperSize" button for huge photos. You can use your browser's scrollbars to move the pictures around -or- you can drag the pictures around with your mouse.

Clicking on the large or huge pictures will take you backwards.

There are a lot of oddball features on these KJs. How many can you spot?