From:Steve Marks
Subject:RE: ACE springs Date:Tue Mar 31 18:02:02 2015
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Several responses to this question, plus some emailed to me direct. Many thanks to everyone who has helped me on this one - I've got the answers I needed. You know, this exchange has a sizeable number of people who ask/answer questions, advertise their sales/wants or just post interesting topics for discussion. I guess it's about the nearest we are ever likely to get to having a Henderson Owners Club - a valuable resource which I'm sure we would all like to see continuing. I don't know how many are on the mailing list - just a pity there are only eight names on the list of contributors who have helped to fund the site this year. What I do know is that if the other seven made the same contribution as I did, Dave is still out of pocket. Looks like I need to increase my contribution next year or maybe we just need more contributors......

Hi Guys
Hope someone can help with some info on spring dimensions for a 1924 Ace please.
My (almost complete kit) Ace is missing both springs in the front fork. I need the diameter of the wire, the outside diameter of the coils, the free length of the coil and the number of turns for each of the two springs. Then I can get some made. Please don't take your forks apart for this - I'm hoping someone will have a set of forks already dismantled!
The other springs I need are the seat springs. Now, you would think this would be easier but counting the number of coils on pictures of Aces found on the internet and in the books give numbers varying from eight to sixteen.... Just wondering what the originals had? My Ace is 1924 so I think I need the single spring each side rather than the later double spring arrangement but please correct me if I'm wrong!
Thanks in advance for any help you can give
Best regards - Steve