From:Steve Marks
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Fancy a four? Date:Tue Mar 31 17:35:11 2015
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No it's definitely a 1924. I first heard about this bike about ten years ago from a friend who had done some work on it some years previously. He told me that it was owned by someone in his 90s who had a good collection of not only bikes but cars and commercials as well. As the proud owner of an Ace kit of parts, I asked if there was any chance of having a look at it. My friend got permission from the owner to take me to see it and he took me there - turned out it was only about 20 miles away from me. The bike had been standing for a long time. Tyres were flat and when we pushed it off the stand and out into the daylight to get a better view, the flat spots on the tyres were rock hard! I did some drawings, took some measurements and took a whole stack of photos all the way down one side of the bike. That finished the film (before the days of digital cameras) but fear not, I was prepared - I had another one! Unfortuantely I made a mess of fitting the film into the camera so I never did get any pictures of the other side. Looks like a trip to Stafford for the auction will put that right. The owner has now turned 101 years of age and has decided to sell off his bikes. As far as I know, he never rode them so they'll need some work doing. As for the estimated price - yes, far too low. I think low estimates are just a ploy to get people to come and bid - that said, it still doesn't explained why the Ace is so low relative to the others so who knows? I have heard of several potential bidders from overseas who are planning to be there. Should be an interesting weekend. Bye for now - Steve
I noticed that too...

Is this accurate?...
Or is it because it is a later model (1927 - Indian Built?)

strange the Ace has the lowest estimated value at 33K

Fancy a four? Indian, Henderson, Ace and Cleveland fours all up for auction here in the UK -