From:John Tushkevich
Subject:RE: Forking conclusion, I hope. Date:Fri Mar 27 12:26:06 2015
Response to:5601

Glad you got everything squared away Rick.
Just in time for spring riding!

First, thanks to everyone who had comments and thoughts on my problem.
What I ended up do was to machine a new "Spring fork clevis extension".
The one I replaced was small in two dimensions, those being the diameter
of the shoulder that centered the large spring and the overall diameter
which centered the lower end of the spring/clevis assembly within the
spring chamber.
By doing that it greatly reduced the play at the clevis and while the steering
head and chamber can still contact at the end of the fork travel, they can no
longer hit in the mid-stroke range.
A quick test ride seems to show things are working properly without
anymore clunking/clanking.
While I was at it I also made a new front brake bearing as the original had
been wrapped with some shim stock to take up wear. The hole in the
backing plate is still a little oblong and at some point I should ream it round
and remake the bearing but for now it's working better than it was.
Now I'm on to pulling off some of the nickeled items for replating which is
leading to another question or two......