From:Doug Strange
Subject:RE: ACE springs Date:Mon Mar 23 19:57:21 2015
Response to:5587
Steve. You didn't consult with Doug's One Stop Ace Shop.
I'll get you the dimensions you need. No problem.

Here's a little story for you. When Joe Stephen was working
at Ace, he rode a Reading Standard with sidecar as he
couldn't afford an Ace. One day Bill Henderson borrowed his
RS to run an errand. Joe stated that in about 2 weeks he
noticed the rides on the Aces were noticably softer in the
front. I swear the factory put a block of wood inside my
spring fork on my 1921 Ace.

Hi Guys
Hope someone can help with some info on spring dimensions
for a 1924 Ace please.
My (almost complete kit) Ace is missing both springs in the
front fork. I need the diameter of the wire, the outside
diameter of the coils, the free length of the coil and the
number of turns for each of the two springs. Then I can get
some made. Please don't take your forks apart for this - I'm
hoping someone will have a set of forks already dismantled!
The other springs I need are the seat springs. Now, you
would think this would be easier but counting the number of
coils on pictures of Aces found on the internet and in the
books give numbers varying from eight to sixteen.... Just
wondering what the originals had? My Ace is 1924 so I think
I need the single spring each side rather than the later
double spring arrangement but please correct me if I'm
Thanks in advance for any help you can give
Best regards - Steve