From:Rick Yamane
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Front Forks, one last shot Date:Wed Mar 18 15:57:59 2015
Response to:5582
Thanks John,
I hadn't thought of that but the bumpers are in there.

I did go ahead and got the spring fork all trued up in the press. After putting everything together without the springs in mock-up mode I realize that there's enough play in the spring barrel, clevis shaft and the spring retainer bushing to allow the steering head and spring barrel to hit at any point in the travel.

So, what I've determined to do is to either make a new spring retainer or a bushing to press onto the existing one. It also looks like the spring itself may be part of the centering mechanism. Chris was told there is a spring kit available for that. Does anyone here have that or know who I could contact?

One last thought.
Do you have the rubber bumpers inside the compression springs??
They limit the travel of the forks. Without them, your forks could travel too far.