From:Rick Yamane
Subject:RE: Front Forks, one last shot Date:Wed Mar 18 12:49:19 2015
Response to:5569
Well I picked up the spring barrel cap and clevis from the plater yesterday afternoon and that brings me to a fork in the fork road, so to speak.

The best solution I have come up with is to bend the spring fork just enough to eliminate that 1/8" of twist and put things together for a test fit. If that isn't enough I'll bend the spring fork on both legs another 1/8" or so to eliminate the interference.

Before I go ahead and get animalistic on the spring fork, does anyone have any last minute suggestions?

For review I have run a plumb line down both sides of the main fork, checked steering head bearing play, checked to see if there were any options for the upper spring yoke on the handlebars, checked the distance between pivots on the fork rockers and checked the trueness of the spring fork on a marble plate. That 1/8" of twist is the only thing I've seen. It doesn't seem like much but it could be enough, I guess.