Subject:RE: Help - Bosch FF4 Magneto Spring-thing Screw-thing Date:Mon Mar 16 20:48:19 2015
Response to:5570

Try Rudy

I need the spring-thing screw that holds the points cover on my KJ's the
FF4 magneto.

The previous owner of my KJ had the advance/retard bellcrank backwards,
and I finally got around to installing it the right way. After re-positioning the
band on the adv/ret ring on the mag, adjusting the points, I was tightening
down the spring-thing screw that holds the bakelite points cover on - and
the darn thing broke off.

I got the broken screw end out of the mag no problem. Went to the parts
store with one of the regular flathead screws only to find that it is neither
American nor Metric thread. What the heck kind of thread is it? Who has
these screws? And does anyone reproduce, or have a spare, of the spring-

It's 70 degrees today in Virginia, and I was ready to go for a ride, but here I
sit so broken hearted...