From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: Front Forks Date:Wed Mar 11 13:50:26 2015
Response to:5558
Mine are 2" also (1930 KJ). There's not a whole lot of clearance between the steering damper and the lower bearing cup - where your are wearing. I can't see in there very clearly, but it ain't much.

I would check my 29 Rick.....if it wasn't snowed in!! :-(

Thanks for the suggestion John,
I had a chance to measure the rockers and they are 2" on the fork pivot centers.
The bike is a '29 Streamline and if anyone can confirm those are correct or otherwise I'd appreciate it.


Something doesn't sound right Rick.
Another thing to check is the length of the rockers. Measure the distance
between the shoulder bolts (center to center). Not sure off the top of my
head what they should be but if you post it, I'm sure the experts out there
can confirm they are the right ones. If someone adapted some other rocker
to your front end that was too short, it would move the forks closer together.
I've seen some strange stuff out there.
Is there any rubbing against the holes in the fender??