From:Barry Brown
Subject:E.J.Cole auction Date:Tue Mar 10 21:32:30 2015
Here is a partial picture of the perfect running rebuilt 1928 Deluxe I sold EJ circa 1981 at the Schenectady AMCA meet. I took the $2200 he offered rather than the NOS 1940's knucklehead that Tom Kell offered me! EJ told me the Hen was his first bike and he was just beginning to collect . I am sure I will exagerate a bit when I am 89 too.
Getting back to the bike, I contacted the old timer who had "restored it" and he told me he did not want a sidecar so he took the one attached to this bike to the dump. Yes, I did ask for the dump location to no avail.
I see my old bike is not in the auction. Lonnie Sr. told me they had about 900 bikes at one time.