From:John yushkevich
Subject:RE: Front Forks Date:Sat Mar 7 08:21:05 2015
Response to:5546

Something doesn't sound right Rick.
Another thing to check is the length of the rockers. Measure the distance
between the shoulder bolts (center to center). Not sure off the top of my
head what they should be but if you post it, I'm sure the experts out there
can confirm they are the right ones. If someone adapted some other rocker
to your front end that was too short, it would move the forks closer together.
I've seen some strange stuff out there.
Is there any rubbing against the holes in the fender??
I've got a strange problem that I want to run by the group here to see what
the experts think.
The front fork of Chris's KJ were making some noise and he was told the
damping spring will break and cause some noise issues. I pulled the for
apart this afternoon and found the cylinder that houses the damping spring
is striking the steering head in two spots on compression.

My initial thought is that something is bent and although the main fork tubes
are tapered everything appears to be good. At some point I noticed the
yoke at the top of the damping rod that attaches to the stem on the
handlebar center was ground to provide clearance.

The photo is of the backside of the front section and you can see where it
was hitting and the clearance yoke.

After thinking about it I feel the most likely scenario is the handlebar got
replaced at some point with one that had a different gooseneck stem
locating the top of the damping rod. Were there variations on that? If this
one is higher and not as long it would explain all the trouble.

Now the stupid question. When I go to reassemble the fork, what is the trick
to compressing all the springs at once?